Zing Xin Recycle Plastic is a supplier of industrial packaging materials. Our office is located in Kajang Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia. We provide consulting and services in the packaging field for customers in various industries. The company will ensure consistently high quality products to meet the needs of customers.
Zing Xin Recycle Plastic supplies the following packaging materials:
  • PP Strapping Band (Fully Auto, Semi Auto & Manual)
  • LLDPE Stretch Film
  • A) Machine Roll B) Hand Roll
  • Recycle Stretch Film
  • Stretch Film Core
  • Strapping Band Core
  • PP Recycle Materials
  • Clear Opp Tape

We hope to offer our products to the clients with competitive price to make our product more affordable and cost effective. We also have trained staff fulfilled customer need quickly. Our company reliable and provide consistent product quality to the clients.
  • Wide range of product
  • Impartiality of price
  • Nonpareil product
  • Systematic
  • Transparency
  • Assurance
  • Rationale

Recycle Stretch Film Core

LLDPE Stretch Film

LLDPE Baby Roll

Recycle Strapping Band Core

PP Strapping Manual

PP Strapping Band

PP Recycle Material

PP Metal Clip

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